Saturday, September 25, 2010

Restaurant: Le Petit Coin Latin, Quebec City, Canada

Arriving around noon to the city after a long bus ride from Montreal ,we checked in to our hostel, and hoped to have a quick bite before exploring the city.

Le Petit Coin Latin, was just 50m down the street and I think we have also seen it in the Lonely Planet guide, so we headed that way. We both ordered from the lunch menu, I ordered a terrine and a steak asking it to be rear, I was actually speaking french to the waiter/owner and I specifically recall asking it to be saignant. My dear wife ordered a quiche and some soup. We ordered a beer and some water as well.

Water did not take too long to arrive, but the beer was served after at least ten minutes, it took about fifteen minutes more till the first course were served. The terrine was ok at best, soup was dull and diluted,.  Hungry as we were, we hoped the main courses will be a more pleasant. Unfortunately, waiting for half and hour more made us more hungry and we forgot to lower our expectations.

Eventually, easily an hour after placing our order, in a not to busy restaurant, we were served the main courses. The so called steak resembled the bottom part of an old shoe, by looks, texture and taste. Saignant, I asked? I am not sure if that meat was even part of a living animal in this millennium. The puree had all signs as coming from some ready made power that even cheap airlines don't use, the small salad was not fresh and was drowning in sauce, I think its the first time I did not finish a salad. Luckily I had enough beer to distract me from the meal. The quiche was surprisingly edible, not too fresh nor too tasty but edible.

We were quite unpleasant at the least, drinking our tea (part of the lunch deal), I decided not lo leave any tip to the waiter of the Petit Coin. However, distracted from the idea of finally leaving the establishment I did not notice that tip was added to the bill by the waiter until it was too late.  Needless to say, that this addition was not coordinated with me in any way. Having enough of that place, we simply left.The unpleasant experience from all angles bothered me for a few hours, and so the idea to start this blog was born.

Interestingly while I was writing this post, I Googled by mistake "le petit jardian latin quebec" which is the wrong name and a typo, I found this review which was so close to our experience that I just had to post the link. A correct search provides all kind of opinions, but even sometimes the food there is ok (and I seriously doubt that)  I don't want anyone to risk our experience.